My paintings are derived from particular moments of recognition and awareness, emerging from events and experiences in my life. These moments of recognition are often revealed by qualities of light and relationships of colour, my attention is initially captured and then slowly released and transformed through the processes and materials of painting.

Mary Mabbutt is a painter of real distinction, whose elegant crisp-edged, knife-like manner seems beautifully at one with the existence she represents. As she explains, “painting for me is an active celebration of the life into which it is integrated.”

Timothy Hyman, Modern Painters

The absolute security of design and self portrait are marks of authority, and there is something diamond hard in this artist that could be overlooked simply because she can sparkle.

Larry Berryman, Arts Review

From unpretentious situations, Mabbutt skillfully extracts a magnetic quality; of mysterious vitalised objects, and the soft cast light of a reflective existence.

Nick Wegner, Time Out